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How To Opt For The Most Ideal Conversational AI Chatbot In 2021

Customer Service Automation

Chatbots are becoming very popular in recent times, to the point that it's more simple than ever to create chatbots. Chatbots are different in their quality and not all chatbots work the same. What are the requirements for an AI chatbot to be the top? Read on to discover the crucial qualities any successful chatbot should have.

The best conversational chatbots for AI have a purpose

A chatbot must be created with a specific goal in mind, and that goal should be at core of its functions. In reality, the top AI chatbots are typically created in order to help a business and there are many ways to use an AI chatbot to be of help, so let's review some use cases.

Relieve Customer Service department

This is the most frequent use case for conversational service automation since it has been used for a long time to assist customers in finding answers on the internet rather than contact with customer support. Clicking here: for more information.

In reality one of the most irritating things as a customer is to have to wait for a long period of time to be able to get hold of customer support when you need answers to a minor problem. This tool allows clients to solve their issues online. Customers can then focus on more difficult issues and the customer service staff can concentrate on solving them.

Help HR department.

Chatbots created to aid HR departments are readily available to answer repetitive questions that employees frequently have regarding HR matters. This reduces the HR team's workload, allowing them to concentrate on the human aspect of their work.

The technology used by the top AI chatbots

All chatbots are not equal, as we have previously mentioned. This is especially relevant when it comes to the technology they utilize as well as the experience they provide. Let's dig into this in more detail.

Conversational AI chatbots with NLP technology

In a previous post on the distinction between different types of bots, there's a big gap between button/menu-based chatbots that are the simplest bots that you can find on the market, keywords-based chatbots and the most advanced form of bot, the AI-powered service desk.

Integrations with third party platforms

If you take a look you will find that the top AI chatbots have the capability of integrating with third party softwares, such as an HR platform, or an inventory management software.

Situated on several channels

Nowadays, people expect to get to receive information on the click of an icon. Your chatbot needs to be available on multiple communication channels such as social networks to be able to provide this. Your platform must enable your bot to connect seamlessly across all digital channels. It should also retain context and data for seamless experiences. The bot must be able to transmit that information to a live agent as best as it can. is the best place to find artificial intelligence.

The ability to escalate to a live agent

Like all technological things, AI chatbots can have limitations. The bot may not be able answer the question of the user.

It should be able make calls back to an agent on the human side if needed. In order for the process of escalation to be as smooth as it can it must be able to pass on any history of conversations and other useful information, so that the user does not be even more annoyed by having to repeat himself.

Best Artificial Intelligence chatbots' design

Chatbots can be designed in a myriad of options, but this is something you shouldn't overlook. Indeed a simple design with a simple interface will make your chatbot much more appealing to use.

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