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The Benefits Of Massage Guns For Equines

massager for horses

Massage guns are one of the recent innovations made for the process of muscle recovery and since its inception in 2008, it has evolved to become a preferred tool of top athletes around the world looking to improve their performance and take charge of their muscular therapy and recovery. Horses are also known to reap the same benefits.


Here are the best advantages of an equine massage gun:

Performance Enhancement, Injury Prevention Recovery


The equine massage gun that provides percussive massage that helps to increase muscle contraction. This leads to building and lengthening of tissues and muscles. It relaxes the muscles and eases tension in the body of the horse, which assists in shortening the recovery duration between training sessions because harmful debris is continuously removed to allow muscles to recover quickly.


Advanced Vibrational Healing and powerful pain relief


Equine Therapy Systems massage guns are not just for the massage of percussion, but also vibration treatments in the same time. Equine Therapy Systems massage guns are able to increase blood circulation and lymph circulation and, in turn, aids in bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. The result of this is quick recovery, improved mobility, pain relief and easing soreness and fatigue in the muscles.




Massage is a proven method of rehabilitation from injuries for horses and human beings. It not only speeds up recovery but also prevents injuries from occurring in the future. The massage tool for horses therapy, which is an addition to the standard rehabilitation for injuries, aids in healing and recuperation from atrophied muscles caused by injury or illness. The areas that have been injured will heal faster and more flexible due to an increase in circulation to the muscles and fascial tissue. Investigate more here for more details on about cold laser therapy for horses.


Release of Lactic Acid


When oxygen levels are low in the muscles of steed, lactic acid forms. The body of the horse converts newly formed lactate to energy. This usually happens during vigorous training and the lactic acid tends to build up in the bloodstream more quickly than it burns off. This can cause fatigue and cramps. This can be reversed by using an Equine massage gun. It aids in the release of the lactic acid as well as other toxic substances from the muscles and the surrounding tissues.


Increases Blood and Lymphatic Flow


The equine therapy give deep tissue massage, which boosts blood flow as well as stimulates nerve receptors responsible for dilating blood vessels. Lymph works to eliminate the toxins and waste from tissues. The lymph flow is controlled through muscle contractions. This implies that horses that are less active may not be stimulating lymph circulation sufficiently, while those with more activity may have too much. If this is not managed, it could lead to lymphedema. However, with a massage tool, you can create an equilibrium that assists in improving circulation throughout your lymphatic system.


It stimulates the Nervous System and Muscles


The nervous system is responsible for stimulating and regulates the activities of the muscles and maintains the horse's homeostasis. Every time a horse performs an activity on its muscles the nervous system is notified. Massage guns activate the receptors within the sympathetic nervous system. This causes vasodilation of the muscles and the skin. It aids in relaxing tension, improve mobility and eases pain in muscles.


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